Women by The River: A Beloved Portrait by Renoir

By Aliyah Banerjee At times, Renoir holds up a mirror so close to my face that I cannot not look at myself, at Harriet, Melanie, and Valerie on screen. Young girls coming of age- so much spoken about the matter in film, literature, and life. And yet, words get lost in the silent river that […]

Amazing Feet, Devil Hands and Boat 91

ind.igenous partnered with Projekt, the film, photography, and scriptwriting society of Lady’s Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi, for their annual fest, Tarang. Projekt organized a scriptwriting competition, Staccato, at which Pragya Pai, a second-year English student from Miranda House, Delhi, won first place. ind.igenous is delighted to publish her script. SETTING: Inside a Delhi […]

The Road Less Travelled

Hemant Chaturvedi, once a Bollywood cinematographer, left the industry and now concentrates full-time on his passion for documentary photography. Till now, he has documented a formidable 1045 single screen theatres across India, and continues to do so. A guy who doesn’t really ‘get bored’ of working on a project for a long time, he has […]

Trijya: The Heaviness of Being

By Babli Yadav It is 4.45 pm and the sun has just hit the neighbour’s window. It is glowing, almost as if telling me something private. I wonder if anyone else can see what I do. The descending sun’s reflection on windows and walls between 4.30 to 5 pm is one of my best discoveries. […]