In Letting Go

Guest Author: Utsa Bose Death, we are told, arrives unawares; that it arrives suddenly, softly, swiftly, without remorse, catching us defenceless, ripping us apart. We learn to read death as a parting, as departing, as an aberration, as deviation, devastation and exception—but what are we to do when we reach a point in life when […]

The Music of Ritwik Ghatak

“Why do you always sing sad songs?” Ishwar asks his sister, Sita in Subarnarekha. “It is almost as if there is nothing in this world beyond pain and suffering.” When art stems from lived experiences, it must be truthful. And truth is seldom under the compulsion to have a happy ending. Cinema, for Ritwik Ghatak, […]

The Other Lens

An account of some of the most prominent photographer characters in Indian cinema

To Love the Ordinary


Remembering the world of Basu Chatterjee that celebrated the richness of simple living