My Amrita

How a woman found herself in a new land through the writings of Amrita Pritam

Chitrangada’s Favourites in Indian Cinema

It is difficult to pick favourites from an ocean of treasures, but she has done it for you – actress Chitrangada Satarupa has listed down twelve of her favourite Indian films of all time, which have left the strongest impact on her. Year: 1963 Director: Satyajit Ray Language: Bengali ‘I might be guilty of including […]

College Fests in the Time of COVID

With 2020 throwing up an array of hardships at people from all walks of life, the arts and entertainment industry has been especially affected, with theatres shutting down, concerts becoming an impossibility, or a chunk of supporting artists finding themselves out of a job, overnight. For the ones who’ve been privileged enough to sit at […]


A young woman doesn’t return home for a night. A retired professor casually leaves his home one evening but never returns. The young servant boy of a middle-class Kolkata household is found dead one morning. Delay, disappearance, death – three films made over almost a decade, but connected through their central idea, form Mrinal Sen’s […]

The World of Ramjan Ostagar: The Common Man of Old Calcutta

Guest Author: Upayan Chatterjee The World of Ramjan Ostagar: The Common Man of Old Calcutta is a chapter written by Sumanta Banerjee from the book ‘Calcutta: The Living City’ (Oxford University Press), dedicated to the anonymity of Calcutta’s common man in the 19th century. The author speaks of how all the history of the period […]

In Letting Go

Guest Author: Utsa Bose Death, we are told, arrives unawares; that it arrives suddenly, softly, swiftly, without remorse, catching us defenceless, ripping us apart. We learn to read death as a parting, as departing, as an aberration, as deviation, devastation and exception—but what are we to do when we reach a point in life when […]

The Music of Ritwik Ghatak

“Why do you always sing sad songs?” Ishwar asks his sister, Sita in Subarnarekha. “It is almost as if there is nothing in this world beyond pain and suffering.” When art stems from lived experiences, it must be truthful. And truth is seldom under the compulsion to have a happy ending. Cinema, for Ritwik Ghatak, […]