Music Videos That Soothe the Heart

There has been a lot of incredible work over the years, in narrating stories with music. Within the span of a song, these have not only captured our attention, but have managed to stay with us, with the videos growing as important to us as the songs themselves. While I have come across several beautiful […]

The Muslim Narrative in Hindi Cinema: 20 Picks by Shazia Iqbal

It is strange that in a country whose people are majorly known to walk, talk and sleep Bollywood, the portrayal of its on-screen characters from a particular religion has always been slightly warped. In an industry that churns out hundreds of films every year, only a handful of them accommodates the Muslim narrative with honesty […]

Chitrangada’s Favourites in Indian Cinema

It is difficult to pick favourites from an ocean of treasures, but she has done it for you – actress Chitrangada Satarupa has listed down twelve of her favourite Indian films of all time, which have left the strongest impact on her. Year: 1963 Director: Satyajit Ray Language: Bengali ‘I might be guilty of including […]